Payday Loans – Because Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

coins loansSo why do we need payday loans (or any other loan for that matter)? I found an answer in one of the many sayings that we have – because money does not grow on trees! I suppose some people may not find this kind of humor funny – especially those who seem to have something against payday loans – but I honestly do. And I actually think that somehow, it does make sense.

Think about it. If money indeed grew on trees, then we probably would not need to worry this much about our finances. All we would have needed to do would be to plant money trees – as many as we could – and take care of them and reap the fruits of our labor. However, it is a fact of life that finances do not come that easily. The average person has to work for his money and sometimes, no matter how hard he works, his earnings just fall short of his needs. That is why the average working person needs some financial assistance every now and then. Of course, picking money from trees would be awesome but the reality is that we turn to loan providers to fulfill our needs.

So why payday loans? More often than not, the average person needs some extra cash in order to meet an emergency need. This is something that crops up unexpectedly and has to be dealt with in the shortest time possible. Of course, this is only one type of need – there are many others. For those long term needs, wherein one can plan and take certain steps to acquire larger sums of money, then other types of loans may be necessary. For one, a payday loan normally involves relatively small amounts of cash. This could be anywhere from $100 to $1,000. Depending on the payday loan provider, the amount that can be borrowed may be lower or higher than the limits. More so, individual circumstances may also affect the amount that a certain person may borrow at a certain time.

So if you are facing an urgent need within the range of these amounts, a payday loan is perfect for you. Going back to the money tree allegory, you could imagine yourself picking the bills from the tree – not too much, only enough to meet what you need at the moment. The same thing can apply to payday loans. In fact, I think that it is much better to borrow only the amount that you need. This is so that you will not be tempted to go beyond your means when it comes to paying back the money. This is in fat, the point where some people get into trouble. They get lured by the fact that payday loans are so easy to acquire. They just keep borrowing without thinking that they do have to pay back the money on time or else pay larger amounts in charges. So, be a wise borrower – unlike trees where you can merely pluck fruits without having to pay interest, you would have to pay additional charges for payday loans. So borrow only what you need and what you can afford to pay back on time.

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